Philco 14MX Console Radio (1934)
Philco Model 14MX (14) Console Radio (1934)
The 9-tube Philco model 14MX (14 series) was introduced in
January of 1934 with a list price of $100. The MX denotes a
Moderne cabinet based around Philco's inclined sounding
. It was one of three Moderne Philcos (designated using
M) introduced at the time, the others being the 60MB and the
18MX, in an identical cabinet to the 14MX.

The styling of these sets, claimed by Philco to have been
inspired by the architecture of the 1933 Chicago World's Fair,
represented a novel direction for the company. The cabinets
featured predominantly rectilinear geometries  and boldly
contrasting elements. On the 14MX, Radio Retailing, in
January of 1934, curiously commented "
modern - but not
". Philco, in their MX product literature, had the
following to say:-
"For the person who would keep abreast of the
modern trend in furniture design. Philco feels
that here is a cabinet that is up-to-date without
being bizarre or flashy. Just one word describes
its quality - smartness! It gives a novel
treatment to the Philco Inclined Sounding Board.
It is fashioned of hand-rubbed rich brown
Mahogany trimmed with black. Center panel of
Myrtle Burl, also trimmed with black"
Truly a masterpiece in design and performance.
Were the 14MX, 18MX and later the 118MX Philco's answer
to Grigsby-Grunow's eye-catching and pioneering modern-
Smart Set consoles introduced during the fall of 1933?
Certainly there are a number of striking similarities.

The 14MX is a 9-tube 2-band AC superhet covering the freq-
uency range 520- 4000kc. It features a tuned RF stage,
Automatic Volume Control, Shadowgraph Tuning, Auditorium
Loudspeaker, Inclined Sounding Board, Class A Audio Sys-
tem (based on 3 triode-connected type 42 tubes) and a 4-
point  Bass Compensating Tone Control. The tube line-up
is:- 78 (RF amp), 6A7 (mixer/LO), 78 (IF amp), 37 (2nd det/
AVC), 77 (1st AF), 42 (driver), 42 * 2 (push-pull output) and
80 (rectifier).  The schematic for the code 122 chassis used
in this set may be found
here*, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.

The rear of the 14MX is fitted with Philco's echo absorbing
screen, designed   to lessen the "blurring" effect of sound
radiated from the rear of the cabinet and reflected back into
the room off of a wall behind the set (see photo lower right).
*although not clearly marked, the code 122/123
chassis schematic & parts list appears on page 4.2
Philco 14MX Console Radio (1934)
Philco Model 14MX Console Radio (1934)
May 2nd 1934
Who was Mrs Crabtree
mentioned in the ad, left?

Edna Riggs Crabtree was a
nationally known cooking
authority who toured the
country with her school. Her
likeness was used in ads to
promote items from flour,
coffee, ranges and Philco
radios, to mention but a
fraction. A 1930s version of
Martha Stewart perhaps?