Philco Early Model 59 Compact (59C) Table Radio (1934)
This is the first version of Philco's model 59 comp-
act (59C), introduced in the early summer of 1934
as one of 49 new models for the 1935 sales sea-
son. The initial list price was $25 complete with
tubes ($26.50 West of the Rockies). Don't be fool-
ed by the impression of a cabinet using exotic ven-
eers and inlays however, as it in fact uses photo-
finish, consistent with it being positioned as an
entry-level set in the season's line up! The later
style of this set can be viewed

It's a four-tube ac-powered super-het covering
standard broadcast from 540-1720kc. The tube
line-up is 77 (mixer/LO), 77 (2nd detector), 42 (AF
output) and 80 rectifier. The set has neither AVC
nor an IF stage but regeneration is employed in
the second detector, controlled using a pot at the
rear of the cabinet. The schematic may be found
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.

A comparison of the schematic for this radio with
that of Philco's model
84B reveals that the 59C is
basically a re-packaged, miniaturized 84B.
Philco 59C .. marvelous new compact set that's ideal for home or office.
Big-set features give performance and tone far greater than its size indicates.
Philco 59C Compact Radio early style