Philco Model 59S "Owl Eye" Mantel Radio (1935)
This Philco model 59S was introduced
in the summer of 1935 for the 1936
model season. Its styling was updated
from the previous season's model,
which resembled the
54S. The original
selling price was $29.95.

Along with the models 54 and 59 that
preceded it, this set has become
known as one of the Philco "owl eyes".
It was however, the last in the series.

I believe the grille cloth in the photo is
original, though to be sure it's not one
of the more widely seen of the Philco
cloths. Like the earlier 59S, the front of
the set uses FAUX (photo) finish

The 59's chassis is a four-tube ac-
powered super-heterodyne of modest
capability. It tunes the standard
broadcast band from 540-1720kc. The
tube line-up is 77 (mixer/LO), 77 (2nd
detector), 42 (AF o/p) & 80 (rectifier).
No AVC is provided.  
As if to accentuate the owl-like
appearance of this radio,
notice the addition of molded
"ears" to each side of the
cabinet. This cabinet is the only
one of the series to have these!
...a powerful radio with full, rich tone.
"...What fun your children can have
with this attractive radio in their
room. OR ---- enjoy it yourself in
bedroom or kitchen. Gets regular
programs and shortwave police calls
and amateurs. A quality radio in
compact space"
Philco 59S owl-eye Compact Table Radio (1935)
Philco 59S owl-eye Compact Table Radio (1935)