Philco Model 37-610B (late version) Tombstone Radio (1937)
This particular styling of the Philco 37-610B
appeared in the middle of the 1937 sales season
(Jan 1937) and continued through into the 1938
season. An
early version was available for the first
part of the 1937 season. To me, this radio is
somewhat reminiscent of the
60MB tombstone of
1934. The original purchase price was $44.95.

According to, only 12,500 of the
1937 and 1938 610B and 611B models were
manufactured, so while hardly scarce, these are
not amongst the most commonly seen of the
Philco tombstones.  Moreover, the front of this
radio uses a FAUX finish, which when worn or
damaged looks especially unattractive. This must
have resulted in a not insignificant number of
these being relegated to landfills over the years.

The radio uses a 5-tube ac-powered super-het
chassis that covers standard broadcast from
530-1720kc, shortwave band 1 from 2.3-7.4mc
and shortwave band 2 from 7.35-22mc. The tube
complement is 6A8G (mixer/LO), 6K7G (IF), 6Q7G
(2nd detector/AGC/1st AF), 6F6G (AF output) and
5Y4G (rectifier).

The 610 chassis was used in the Big-Bullet
37-610T and the 37-610J console as well as the
610B Baby Grand tombstone models. All used the
code 121 chassis with the exception of the Big
Bullet, which used the code 122 chassis. This
relocated the rectifier tube from atop the power
transformer to a spot on the chassis beside the
output tube, thereby providing greater clearance
between this tube, which runs very hot, and the
top surface of the wooden cabinet.

See the schematic
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.
Philco 37-610B Tombstone Radio Rear View (late, 1937)
Philco 37-610B Tombstone Radio (late, 1937)