Philco 37-610B Tombstone (early version, June 1936)
This is the early version of Philco's 37-610B Baby Grand tombstone
radio for the 1937 model year. It was introduced in June of 1936 with
a retail price of $42.50. The later style can be seen  

These entry-level Baby Grands made extensive use of FAUX grain
on their fascias. Faux grain is essentially a printed pattern used to
replicate the appearance of the genuine exotic veneers found on
some of the more expensive sets of the day. The idea was valiant in
its conception but fell short in practice, as the finish weathered the
rigors of time poorly and even when new, fooled practically nobody.
Today, the finish on many of these sets is badly deteriorated and
poses a challenge for restoration. Luckily, my set's finish is basically
good. It received only minor touch-up from its previous owner.
Philco 37-610B.... flat-top Baby Grand
"This flat-top Baby Grand features authentic
reproductions of light golden-toned butt walnut,
gorgeous burl walnut, and straight grained American
Walnut. A striking contrast is afforded by the
dark-toned base moulding".
50% greater Separation on short-wave stations
Three Tuning Ranges
cover Standard American Broadcasts... State
and Municipal Police... Daytime and Night-time Foreign and American
Short-Wave Broadcasts... Aviation... Ship... Daytime and Night-time
First-Class Amateur Bands.
Three Point Tone Control to adjust the program to receive every
program at its best (A) Brilliant - for speech (B) Mellow - for music (C)
Deep - Noise reducing - for distant reception.
Philco Foreign Tuning System
Philco Color Dial
names and locates foreign stations for convenient,
accurate, rapid tuning!
14 Tuned Circuits with Philco High-Efficiency Aerial
Pentode Audio System
Philco Oversize Electro-Dynamic Speaker
Glowing Beam Tuning Range Indicator
shows the tuning range in
Philco Balanced Superheterodyne Circuit with 5 Philco
Self-Centering Octal Base High-Efficiency Tubes
Two Speed Vernier Tuning... Variable Bass
Compensation... Greater Overall Selectivity... Philco Unit
Construction... Automatic Volume Control... and all the
basic Philco features!
"Three Tuning Ranges... Glowing Beam Tuning Range
Indicator AND the PHILCO
Foreign Tuning System"
610 American and Foreign Receiver
The 37-610B's Color Dial
The 37-610B is a 5-tube AC-powered superheterodyne covering
the three bands:- 530 - 1720kc (Standard Broadcast), 2300 -
7400kc (short-wave 1) and 7.35 - 22mc (short-wave 2). The tube
line-up is 6A8G (mixer/LO), 6K7G (IF amp), 6Q7G (2nd det/AVC/1st
AF amp), 6F6G (AF output) and 5Y4G (rectifier). The undistorted
output power developed into the loudspeaker is 3 Watts. The 37-
610B uses the code 121 chassis, whose schematic may be found
here, courtesy of

The code 121 chassis serves also for the
37-610J console radio
(photo at The 37-610T table set embodies the
code 122 chassis, having the rectifier tube relocated from the power
transformer bell housing to the chassis in order to accommodate the
reduced internal height of that set's bullet-shaped cabinet. Other-
wise the code 121 and 122 chassis types are identical.
Philco 37-610B (early version)