Philco Model 570 Grandfather Clock Radio (1931)
Philco 570 grandfather clock radio
The Philco model 570 grandfather
clock radio was, as best  as I can tell
from early Philco advertising, intro-
duced in November of 1931, just in
time for Christmas. It was especially
heavily advertised during December,
when it (along with each of Philco's
other offerings) was suggested as
"the gift supreme". It was described as
"authentic reproduction of a fine old
grandfather's clock
" and also as an
"exceptionally beautiful model, designed
as a piece of furniture

The cabinet was advertised as being
designed on famous colonial lines" and
was offered in either a hand-rubbed
brown mahogany finish, or in black
American walnut with a special satin
finish. Both had a "
carved maple scroll
. My set has the mahogany finish.

The 570's list price for Christmas of
1931 was $89.50, complete with
The gift supreme!...exceptionally beautiful model, designed as a piece of furniture.
The model 570 incorporates Philco's 7-tube Balanced Superheterodyne chassis, also used in the model 70
Baby Grand. Like my model 70, this radio has the type I chassis, without AVC.
..stands 5' 11" high.
The newest radio! A Grandfather Electric Clock, combined with a Philco 7-tube superhet.